~Four Year Flashback~

So due to some popular opinions and unfinished plot lines the Sebastian player and I have decided to come back and give you all a little 1x1 treat inside the world of Seblaine during their “newlywed stage”.  Please enjoy.

To the follower who left this at the RP confessions blog.  I would like to send a personal note of apology.  When we did the reboot and opened the next gen it was intended to keep this one open and alive as well.  We are not leaving, but next gen has kinda taken over for the summer.  Please come check us out over in the next gen.  Send us some notes, and we would be happy to come back here and write for you to resolve any story lines. 


~Up To Date Timeline~

Current Date in Roleplay:

  • August 8, 2016

Current Pregnancy and Due Dates:

  • Kurt: 17 weeks: January 16, 2017
  • Shane: 15 weeks: January 30. 2017
  • Santana: 12 weeks: February 20, 2017

** This is the current pregnancy due dates.  Please disregard anything before this notification. **

~4 Week Time Jump~

We are doing a 4 week time jump effective immediately.  Please write a one shot concerning character development if you feel necessary.  Thanks.

Pregnancy Info:

  • Santana: 13 weeks
  • Shane: 14 weeks
  • Kurt: 16 weeks
  • Trin: 30 weeks

~Mod Note~

Officially taking a 4 week time jump at 7PM CST!!  Let me know if this effect’s any of your characters.  It shouldn’t though I think we solved the major conflict last night, and can work towards having babies :)

Family Meeting Tonight

8 CST be there if possible!!
Location: Andersmythe Loft ;)